Give your body what it can digest and your body will do the rest

Sabine Martens

My passion for nutrition, attending several courses in Belgium and abroad, my experiences with nutrition and people, gave me the insight that every person is genetically different. Because we all have a unique genetic code, we all need a different combination of basic nutrition.

Sabine Martens: de intuïtieve wetenschapper, coach en inspirator.

Nutrition, a daily confrontation, at the end we do eat 3 times a day.
We cannot turn on TV or radio without hearing about food, every day new cookbooks rise, new hypes are originated. And they all tell us just that little something else, sometimes having very contradictory messages.

You don’t know what to eat anymore, what is good for you and what isn’t?

One day I felt myself in that same situation. But being a critical person, I decided to find it all out myself.

After several courses in Belgium and abroad : Macrobiotics, Ayurvedics, Raw Food, Chinese Dietetics, Blood Group Diet, Orthomolecular Nutrition. I gathered all my knowledge and developed my own diet, in which first of all I keep in mind the unique genetic code everybody is born with. It is our genetic code that determines which combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats we need.

Once you eat the right amount of basic nutrition for your personal system, your body will be fed optimum and you will experience a constant wave of energy.

Knowing this, completed with my broad and holistic knowledge concerning nutrition, gives me the ability to make a personalized food-schedule for whomever that wants to walk along with me to change her/his way of eating.

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