Some experiences of both: advice and cooking classes.

'At first I felt very touched by the mix of the different nutritional methods Sabine has based on (Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Chinese food, ...) to eventually develop her 'Food according to your Type'. I was already looking in that direction myself, and all these methods appealed to me, but none of them for the full 100%. So the combination seemed ideal. Because of the long distance I have only been consulted twice, which in retrospect maybe was too little. But in those 2 consultations I managed to get more energy again and get my fat burning going. And certainly an added value is that Sabine also has an unlikely knowledge of all supplements, based on a lot of experience, and with a broad view of life.

I also took a cooking class, and that also helped me tremendously. Through that lesson I have realized that healthy and delicious cooking is much easier than I thought. With this I have received a good basis of recipes and techniques, which I always ans still rely on. I'll definitely come back for a new cooking class next season.’


'My name is Rose Marie Van Wijnsberghe and I have been overweight all my life. I really tried all the diets. I can say that I am an expert.

It is very difficult to make the right choice, because you get different instructions from everyone. It is assumed that you are too fat because you eat too much. But nothing is less true. You are too fat because you do not eat the right things.

The personal approach of Sabine has results. Every person is different, so we have to eat a different and personalised combinatien of carbohydrates, proteines and fats. In other words, it is personal guidance. It is very important to me that I get the necessary explanation from Sabine of the 'why' some nutrients must be avoided and others certainly to use.

It is a different diet, but now I understand why you better eat some things and others not.’

Rose Marie

‘Back from a fantastic trip to Japan, where I was immersed for three weeks in a culinary atmosphere that completely streamlined my body, I wanted to experiment with algaes and seaweed.

No idea where you could go for "cooking with seaweed": would such a thing exist?

Just set up Google: yes, at Sabines, of course!

Sabine juggles with those black wires, she wriggles, lets them soak, dips into her storage boxes - pinch here, cloud there - and turns everything into a tasteful whole. Each dish was provided with expert explanations, whereby exotic names such as 'wakame' and 'arame' gave up their secrets.

The recipes that you bring are simple and tasty. And she gives a lot of extra tips with pleasure. Ever since, I regularly eat salty treats. Hiziki is my favorite :)‘


‘I had been in the menopause for a while, when I had a lot of problems with a stuffed belly. In the evenings it could even be so thick that I had the feeling that I was pregnant. By coincidence or not, Sabine came back into my life (as a child we were neighbors). I told her about my problem and Sabine advised me to complete the extensive questionnaire. No sooner said than done. In this way - and partly due to my nutritional preferences - Sabine determined which type I am. Knowing that, we started to adjust my eating habits and live healthier. Once fully switched to the right food for my type, Sabine advised me to bring a lot of variety into my vegetables. Because different vegetables feed other organs. It is of course important to ensure that all organs are fed. Sabine offers a 'healthier' version for all 'unhealthy' things. For example, I now use a 'healthy' vegetable stock free of sugar, flavor enhancers and salt.

It is absolutely not just another diet. It is a total approach that changes your life and your health forever. It requires a little more planning and organization but it is definitely worth it.

I now enjoy a healthy stomach and a big gift I received as a bonus : I also lost six kilos.

Sabine is a nice lady with an extensive knowledge about nutrition and health. She will be happy to assist you if there is a problem. I still get tips to eat healthier food and her nice recipes bring a lot of variety in my diet.
I certainly continue with Sabine. The result is top.’

‘Thanks for all your tasty advice!’
Hannelore Vandendriessche.

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